Marist’s Special Lady War Eagles

“Girls: if you’re considering going out for a sport, do it. More than anything, being on a team will give you a voice and a place to thrive in your afternoons.”


Marist Girls Cross Country 2020 GA State Champions

By Caroline York, Features Editor

Marist is undoubtedly a sports powerhouse. The school brings in so many state championships that our trophy case often overflows with accolades. But many people might not realize that Marist’s girls’ teams bring in most of the championships.

As I look back on my Marist experience, I realize that the Marist community would not be the same without its female athletes. Volleyball has won 11 state championships, tennis has won 18, and cross country has won 21, just to name a few. Yes, our girls teams win more than our fair share of championships, but it’s more than that.

The girls’ teams at Marist support each other through thick and thin. Regardless of championships, girls have each others’ backs. We use our sports time, whether on a long run or hitting back and forth on the tennis courts, to communicate and keep up with each other. 

Marist’s academics and extracurriculars can be demanding, and the athletic fields and courts are where Marist female athletes are allowed to escape the demands of school life and be with their friends. Sports teams give girls a place to truly be themselves and let loose for a few hours every day.

Athletics gives girls a place to feel confident; this confidence bleeds over into the classroom, making girls more likely to speak up with a winning attitude. Caroline Roche ‘21, a varsity tennis player, said she “uses her confidence in the field in her classes, and speaking up doesn’t seem as daunting after a tight tennis match.”

Each team has its own unique culture, which shapes each program and team dynamic. Cross country has a culture of tradition, doing things the same way decade after decade, while swimming fosters a culture of teamwork and strong support. 

Often, girls’ teams will win state championships without crowds supporting them. As a Marist community, we should rally around our girls teams and attend more girls’ sporting events. Having large crowds in attendance boosts morale and shows the teams that they have the support of the school. 

Girls: if you’re considering going out for a sport, do it. More than anything, being on a team will give you a voice and a place to thrive in your afternoons. Marist community: if you have an extra hour, go out and support our Lady War Eagles. You won’t regret seeing our girls teams take on competition and winning. With your support, War Eagle Fever will continue to be In. The. Air.