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Mission Statement: The Blue & Gold, Georgia’s oldest high school newspaper, is the student-run newspaper that serves as the voice of the Marist School community. Its editors and staff are committed to publishing online and print content that reflects the interests of the Marist student body, faculty, and staff, and strives to inform, educate, and entertain our readers with newsworthy, timely, engaging, and thought-provoking articles.

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Description: The Blue & Gold is Georgia’s oldest high school newspaper and is produced by an all-volunteer staff who meet during activity periods and, on occasion, after school. Membership is open to students in grades 9 – 12 at Marist School. The Blue & Gold is printed once per term, but also publishes student work on an ongoing basis through its website and on social media. Publication of the Blue & Gold is overseen by an Editor-in-Chief, who directs a board of section editors. Staff members and editors are required to attend a minimum of three meetings and produce at least one original, publishable piece per term. Journalistic writing and photography workshops are held throughout the year to help the staff improve their skills. Additionally, the Blue & Gold is supported by the students enrolled in the elective Journalism class, who help generate content and assist with editing and layout.

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