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Cross country poses for a picture during one of their many competitions. These ladies understood that to compete meant you had to be willing to pay the price.
XC Ends Season With Class
By Cosette Lane, Editor • Dec 7, 2023

Throughout the summer and fall, the boys and girls cross country teams trained incredibly hard in preparation for their season that would end with the...

Fr. John Ulrich makes his home in the Campus Ministry office, where he serves our Marist community for a third time as its Chaplain.
Meet Father John
By Camille Gipson, Staff Writer • Dec 7, 2023

After teaching at Marist for a cumulative 16 years previously, Father John Ulrich has returned to Marist this year for a third time as our school chaplain....

Members of the Spanish Club gather below the banner that welcomes everyone to the celebration.
Spanish Club Celebrates the Wider World
This club welcomes everyone while spreading the joys of Hispanic culture.
By Ella Weber, Staff Writer • Dec 7, 2023

Some may look forward to Spanish Club for the delicious snacks that come along with the meetings, but this group has more than tacos and churros to offer. From...

Maya Warrier, one of the varsity volleyball War Eagles, sets her attention on winning the next game.
Volleyball Takes On 6A
By Clara Laskowski, Staff Writer • Dec 4, 2023

The volleyball team worked hard this season. leading them all the way to the elite eight in 6A. The Lady War Eagles ended the season with a 25-15 record,...

TEDx speakers gather on the stage before presentation begins.
Students Share Bold Ideas During TEDx
Insight and innovation were all the rage during this first-of-its-kind conference
By Juliet Powell, Staff Writer • Dec 1, 2023

For the first time ever, Marist School hosted a TEDx event in Woodruff Auditorium on October 6, 2023. What is TEDx, you might ask?  TED is a nonprofit...

A convocation of War Eagles raise the Touchdown Taco in support of the home team.
The Touchdown Taco
From the student section at various sporting events, one can see the Southeast's tastiest mascot
By Beck Janki, Editor • Dec 1, 2023

Marist athletics is a well-known brand across the country, perhaps even the world. The discipline, effort, and trust that is woven through each one...

The stone engraving mounted to the side of Chanel Building traveled all the way from Bedford, Ohio, where it hung above the entrance of Saint Peter Chanel High School.
Behind a New Addition to Marist School
An engraving of Saint Peter Chanel has a story to tell
By John Elrod, Staff Writer • Nov 10, 2023

Returning students arriving to campus at the flag circle may have noticed a new adornment to the rear wall of the Chanel building: a stone engraving of...

Even the crucifix in the chapel has a meaningful origin story behind it.
A Dive Into Marist History: The Esmond Brady Memorial Chapel
By Beck Janki, Editor • Oct 3, 2023

Every Marist student has visited the chapel, which sits next to the rectory on the south side of campus. Students of all grade levels have taken the walk...

A recent addition to the English Department, Teacher Brian OConnor shares his concerns about learning.
Introducing Mr. O'Connor
Get to know your AP Lang Teacher!
By Alex Treanor, Public Relations • Sep 28, 2023

New to the English Department last year, Teacher Brian O’Connor helps students become better writers, but he also urges students to embrace mistakes...

Shaking off the troubles of the past, the JV football team faces their opponents with a new identity.
These War Eagles Are Bald No Longer
Junior varsity football shakes off the past and plunges head first into a turn-it-around season
By Jude Norden, Staff Writer • Sep 27, 2023

To call last year's 9th grade football season "underwhelming" would be an understatement. The team finished with a record of 3-3-1; somewhat lackluster...

Sam Markham watches over the pep rally that he and the rest of the student council planned for fall sports. Few people realize the amount of time it takes to organize such fun events.
The Secret to Stuco's Success
Student council works behind the scenes to make our school even better
By Stella Chambless, Public Relations • Sep 27, 2023

Countless school dances. A pep rally for every season. Even a faculty-staff breakfast. Student council’s work spans across the entirety of the year....

The cross country team waits for their training assignments. This sport isnt all about running your heart out. These athletes commit themselves to a methodical and well planned routine.
Marist Cross Country Running Their Division
The War Eagles lead the way at the largest meets of the season
By Ryan Hewitt, Staff Writer • Sep 26, 2023

The War Eagles Cross Country teams have been working hard at practice every day, preparing for some of the biggest meets of the year. So far this season,...

A votive candle at Saint Jude the Apostle Catholic Church.
The Legend of the Light
Coach Dan Perez sends a weekly message of hope to current and past players
By Kate Owens, Staff Writer • Sep 25, 2023

Through life’s ups and downs, there is always light in some shape or form that finds its way into one’s life—if they let it. For many Marist students,...

Active Minds Hosts Fundraiser 5K
Active Minds Hosts Fundraiser 5K
Third annual Spark the Conversation 5K to take place this weekend
By Sophie D'Annunzio, Staff Writer • Sep 20, 2023

It's a chilly Saturday morning. A hundred and six people line up on the front soccer field, all dressed in fleece-lined jackets and warm leggings. A few...

War Eagles Back On Track
By Austin Kittrell, Staff Writer • Jun 7, 2023

The track and field team has had a bunch of success in recent years, with the girls’ team winning back to back titles and the boys capturing one last...

Encomium to Doorbells
Encomium to Doorbells
By Mariana Thomas, Staff Writer • Dec 4, 2023

Doorbells. The real ones. You know, the ones from our childhoods. Before they had cameras or speakers...

Christopher Nolans film about J. Robert Oppenheimer, played by Cillian Murphy, investigates the man who ushered the world into the nuclear age.
Nolan's Oppenheimer: An Explosive Theatrical Event
By Marshall Lisenby, Staff Writer • Dec 1, 2023

Oppenheimer is acclaimed director Christopher Nolan’s most recent blockbuster film, released in late...

V8 Plus Sparkling Energy, one of the popular energy drinks here at school, contains 80 mg of caffeine, only 20 mg less than the recommended limit for adolescents.
Caffeine: A Student's Little Helper
By Camille Gipson, Staff Writer • Sep 22, 2023

Energy drinks, coffee, soda. These drinks are everywhere at Marist and countless other American high...

You Will Be Missed!
You Will Be Missed!
By Maggie York and Emma Schwind Jun 7, 2023

As our time at Marist comes to end, Emma and I reflected on some of our favorite memories. From our first...

When a Taste of France Comes to Brookhaven
By Wyatt Banks, Staff Writer • Jun 7, 2023

In the era of mass-produced Girl Scout Cookies and Little Debbie snacks, it seems the masterful art of...

Nomination Night: What Happened at the Grammys?
Nomination Night: What Happened at the Grammys?
By Erin Dunn, Staff Writer • Jun 7, 2023

On February 5, 2023, the 65th Annual Grammy Awards took place in Los Angeles. “Music’s Biggest Night”...

All Quiet on the Western Front: A Film Review
All Quiet on the Western Front: A Film Review
By Marshall Lisenby, Staff Writer • Jun 7, 2023

All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) is Edward Berger’s adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s World...

A Debut Album to Cherish
A Debut Album to Cherish
By Ben Taylor, Staff Writer • Jun 7, 2023

Man on the Moon: The End of Day is Kid Cudi’s debut studio album from 2009. The album’s concept...

Defeat the Drab of Winter
By Stella Chambless, Staff Writer • Feb 28, 2023

Tests pile up. The air gets cold. The sky becomes gray. And above all else, there is so little to look...