The Oldest High School Newspaper in Georgia

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The Oldest High School Newspaper in Georgia

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The Oldest High School Newspaper in Georgia

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Defeat the Drab of Winter
By Stella Chambless, Staff Writer | Feb 28, 2023

Tests pile up. The air gets cold. The sky becomes gray. And above all else, there is so little to look forward to. The second half of Term 2 feels like...

"Full 80" from Girls Varsity Soccer
By Alex Treanor, Staff Writer | Feb 28, 2023

The 2022 reigning state champions are back for another successful season. Our girls varsity soccer team has been crushing their competition early on...

Cultural Exchange Comes to Campus
By Abigail Stafford, Sarah White, and Sidon Afeworki, Staff Writers | Feb 28, 2023

Did you know we had six French foreign exchange students visit our school? We had the pleasure of meeting four of these students—Julie, Romin, Selen,...

Why The Great Gatsby?
By Emma Schwind, Staff Writer | Feb 6, 2023

Each fall here at school, students are on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the homecoming theme. During the first pep rally of the year, Student...

The Life of Mary and the Marist Way
By Ella Nussbaum, Staff Writer | Feb 6, 2023

The Marist way is defined as “living the Gospel as Mary did.” Mary’s life was a model of balancing kindness, faith, and integrity. She spent her...

Seeing Our School From a New Perspective
By Alex Treanor, Staff Writer | Nov 10, 2022

While our day-to-day lives often blur together into a boring schedule, some students from other parts of the world find our schedule fascinating. From...

Our School's First Foray Into Self-Defense
By Maggie York, Editor-in-Chief | Nov 8, 2022

On October 4th, our school hosted its first self-defense class for any interested female student. The class was organized and brought to fruition by seniors...

War Eagle Marching Band Captivates Friday Night Lights Audiences
By Emma Schramm, Staff Writer | Nov 7, 2022

There’s nothing quite like it—the buzz of the stadium lights, the roaring of the crowds, the sound of the coaches yelling at the top of their lungs,...

Puffs: A Magical Night of Fun
By Claire Garvin, Reviews Editor | Nov 2, 2022

Lumos! Marist Theater’s most recent play, Puffs, lit up the faces of the audience from October 5th through the 8th. Crowds of all ages found comfort...

Damascus ‘22 in Review
By Gigi Glennon, Editor-in-Chief | Nov 2, 2022

On September 24th, our youngest members of the Marist Fam had the opportunity to attend their first retreat: Damascus. Damascus is the second-oldest...

Broadcast Journalist Clark Howard Reminds Marist to Always Look Ahead
By Patrick Sheesley, News Editor | Nov 2, 2022

Clark Howard visited Marist on September 16, 2022 to discuss his broadcasting career with students and faculty during the activity period. Howard,...

The Likeness of Irish and Southern Culture
By Ella Weber, Staff Writer | Nov 2, 2022

Coincidences happen all the time. In an interview with Mrs. Clements, a new teacher in the Theology Department, she described her arrival to our school...

Homecoming Posters: What Works, What Doesn’t
By Abigail Stafford, Sarah White, and Sidon Afeworki | Nov 1, 2022

A Homecoming tradition among the lowerclassmen at our school is Homecoming posters. Homecoming, also known as “Hoco” across campus, is an annual fall...

A Legacy of Excellence: Marist Girls Cross Country
By Cosette Lane, Staff Writer | Nov 1, 2022

Marist cross country has been a program of excellence for years. Every runner pushes him or herself to be the best they can possibly be. Two runners in...

Remembering Women in Writing
By Amanda Altarejos, Editor-in-Chief | Feb 6, 2022

“No black woman writer in this culture can ever write ‘too much.’” —bell hooks, Remembered Rapture “We tell ourselves stories in order to...