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Students take the time to strengthen their relationship with God.
Exploring the Emmaus Experience
Students deepen their connections with each other on the Emmaus Retreat
By Reese Sullivan, Staff Writer • Jan 30, 2024

The 200th Emmaus Retreat began on Friday, January 12 as juniors and seniors departed from campus that afternoon. Two hours and 115 miles later, the bus...

Fortnite is one of the hottest games around. Just ask any member of the video game playing community.
Fortnite Amongst the Marist Community
Students spend lots of free time playing the video game Fortnite
By Nic Lancelotta Jan 29, 2024

Fortnite is a video game started by Tim Sweeney and Mark Rein in 2018 and is very popular today. Fortnite has many different game modes, but the main...

After swimming the 200 free, Caroline Schaffer checks out the scoreboard.
Swimming Comes to an End
Hard work and dedication get put to the test at the state meet
By Megan Latham, Staff Writer • Jan 29, 2024

The swim season started on October 11, 2023 with practices every Monday through Saturday. Swimmers have regularly logged over three thousand yards per...

Several students enjoy traditional Lebanese food during the Global Fair hosted by Share the Journey.
Inside Khurt Gym: Marist Goes Global
Share the Journey invites the school to an around-the-world cookout
By Maggie Foster, Staff Writer • Jan 29, 2024

On January 12, 2024, Share the Journey hosted the third annual Marist Goes Global Fair in Khurt Gym. The fair had twenty-two countries represented and...

The band marches their closing song, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, across the field at the Southern Invitational Music Festival.
Inside Marching Band's Record-Breaking Season
The successful competition season comes at a special time for the band
By Emma Schramm, Staff Writer • Jan 29, 2024

The Marist War Eagle Marching Band has finished a record-breaking competition season, having won numerous awards for their visual and musical efforts on...

Several members of the pole vaulting crew celebrate the end of another important competition.
Shining a Light on Pole Vaulting
The pole vaulting team prepares to take on the season this spring
By Clara Laskowski, Staff Writer • Jan 29, 2024

The Marist pole vaulting team has been working hard the past few weeks in preparation for their first meet this spring. This year the Marist pole vault...

The varsity softball team gathers around home plate to celebrate another run.
A Home Run Season
Fun traditions enhance this team's performance on the field of play
By Cosette Lane, Editor • Dec 19, 2023

Beginning their practices on July 31, the Marist softball team had an excellent season. Throughout fall and summer, the girls practiced and played on the...

Upper classmen lead seventh graders during a breakout discussion. The Damascus retreat forged new friendships among the leaders and the newest members of our school community.
Pray and Play: 2023 Damascus Retreat
Seventh graders and upperclassmen share and discuss school values
By Caroline Palmer, Staff Writer • Dec 19, 2023

On September 23, our school hosted its Damascus retreat. The Damascus retreat, open to seventh graders and led by upperclassmen, allowed new students...

The 2023-24 cohort of new faculty and staff members pose for a photo outside Ivey. Each one, in their own way, came to our school to make it a better place.
New Teachers Learn to Go with the Flow
By Emma Schramm, Staff Writer • Dec 19, 2023

Every Marist student remembers how hard it can be to start fresh in such a fast-paced  environment. There are countless things to learn and a hectic...

Purple Out for Mental Health
Purple Out for Mental Health
By Alex Treanor, Public Relations • Dec 18, 2023

Nearly 19% of high school students have seriously contemplated suicide, according to the Jed Foundation. Nineteen percent! That translates to almost...

The War Eagles offense lines up against a very determined Golden Lions defense, but our varsity team would not be denied.
Marist Dominates Cross Town Rivals
Woodward Academy, Blessed Trinity, and St. Pius X could not match the War Eagles on the gridiron
By Alex Bok, Staff Writer • Dec 12, 2023

The varsity football team had the hardest 5-game stretch in the program’s history this season, playing the 2nd best team in 6A, the number one player...

The Marist Way
The Marist Way
To think, feel, act, and judge as Mary did
By Beck Janki, Editor • Dec 12, 2023

The Marist Way is referenced in just about everything we do here at our school, especially the way a student is encouraged to live. Not only is The...

Cross country poses for a picture during one of their many competitions. These ladies understood that to compete meant you had to be willing to pay the price.
XC Ends Season With Class
By Cosette Lane, Editor • Dec 7, 2023

Throughout the summer and fall, the boys and girls cross country teams trained incredibly hard in preparation for their season that would end with the...

Fr. John Ulrich makes his home in the Campus Ministry office, where he serves our Marist community for a third time as its Chaplain.
Meet Father John
By Camille Gipson, Staff Writer • Dec 7, 2023

After teaching at Marist for a cumulative 16 years previously, Father John Ulrich has returned to Marist this year for a third time as our school chaplain....

Members of the Spanish Club gather below the banner that welcomes everyone to the celebration.
Spanish Club Celebrates the Wider World
This club welcomes everyone while spreading the joys of Hispanic culture.
By Ella Weber, Staff Writer • Dec 7, 2023

Some may look forward to Spanish Club for the delicious snacks that come along with the meetings, but this group has more than tacos and churros to offer. From...

An Open Letter to All High School Seniors
An Open Letter to All High School Seniors
By Jake Slovenski, Guest Writer • Jan 10, 2024

Dear High School Seniors Everywhere,  Our generation currently faces a terrifying trend. As a high...

Novo Cucina brings its new kitchen approach to Italian cuisine to the surrounding area.
Novo Cucina: Is it Really THAT Good?
By Ryan Hewitt, Staff Writer • Dec 12, 2023

Located in the heart of Dunwoody, Georgia, Novo Cucina is a modern, yet homey, Italian restaurant. It...

Encomium to Doorbells
Encomium to Doorbells
By Mariana Thomas, Staff Writer • Dec 4, 2023

Doorbells. The real ones. You know, the ones from our childhoods. Before they had cameras or speakers...

Christopher Nolans film about J. Robert Oppenheimer, played by Cillian Murphy, investigates the man who ushered the world into the nuclear age.
Nolan's Oppenheimer: An Explosive Theatrical Event
By Marshall Lisenby, Staff Writer • Dec 1, 2023

Oppenheimer is acclaimed director Christopher Nolan’s most recent blockbuster film, released in late...

V8 Plus Sparkling Energy, one of the popular energy drinks here at school, contains 80 mg of caffeine, only 20 mg less than the recommended limit for adolescents.
Caffeine: A Student's Little Helper
By Camille Gipson, Staff Writer • Sep 22, 2023

Energy drinks, coffee, soda. These drinks are everywhere at Marist and countless other American high...

You Will Be Missed!
You Will Be Missed!
By Maggie York and Emma Schwind Jun 7, 2023

As our time at Marist comes to end, Emma and I reflected on some of our favorite memories. From our first...

When a Taste of France Comes to Brookhaven
By Wyatt Banks, Staff Writer • Jun 7, 2023

In the era of mass-produced Girl Scout Cookies and Little Debbie snacks, it seems the masterful art of...

Nomination Night: What Happened at the Grammys?
Nomination Night: What Happened at the Grammys?
By Erin Dunn, Staff Writer • Jun 7, 2023

On February 5, 2023, the 65th Annual Grammy Awards took place in Los Angeles. “Music’s Biggest Night”...