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Reporting the news since 1914

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Reporting the news since 1914

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Members of the Spanish Club gather below the banner that welcomes everyone to the celebration.

Spanish Club Celebrates the Wider World

By Ella Weber, Staff Writer
Dec 7, 2023

Some may look forward to Spanish Club for the delicious snacks that come along with the meetings, but this group has more than tacos and churros to offer. From their meaningful book drive in December...

TEDx speakers gather on the stage before presentation begins.

Students Share Bold Ideas During TEDx

By Juliet Powell, Staff Writer
Dec 1, 2023

For the first time ever, Marist School hosted a TEDx event in Woodruff Auditorium on October 6, 2023. What is TEDx, you might ask?  TED is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing revolutionary...

A recent addition to the English Department, Teacher Brian OConnor shares his concerns about learning.

Introducing Mr. O’Connor

By Alex Treanor, Public Relations
Sep 28, 2023

New to the English Department last year, Teacher Brian O’Connor helps students become better writers, but he also urges students to embrace mistakes in exchange for growth and development. He disagrees...

Sam Markham watches over the pep rally that he and the rest of the student council planned for fall sports. Few people realize the amount of time it takes to organize such fun events.

The Secret to Stuco’s Success

By Stella Chambless, Public Relations
Sep 27, 2023

Countless school dances. A pep rally for every season. Even a faculty-staff breakfast. Student council’s work spans across the entirety of the year. Their tireless efforts bring the spirit across...

Active Minds Hosts Fundraiser 5K

Active Minds Hosts Fundraiser 5K

By Sophie D'Annunzio, Staff Writer
Sep 20, 2023

It's a chilly Saturday morning. A hundred and six people line up on the front soccer field, all dressed in fleece-lined jackets and warm leggings. A few even wear mittens or headbands to cover their ears. Kids...

Thicker Than Water

By Brian O'Connor
May 18, 2023

According to its website, the Red Cross collects, on average, 13.6 million units of whole blood and red blood cells annually. On April 26 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., our school community contributed its...

Music, Movement, and Magnificence: Mamma Mia!

Music, Movement, and Magnificence: Mamma Mia!

By Cosette Lane, Staff Writer
May 18, 2023
From March 22st to 25th, students, parents, and faculty made their way to Woodruff Auditorium to see this year’s spring musical, Mamma Mia! The musical promised an unforgettable performance with singing, dancing, and theatrical excitement.
Chanel Day to the Rescue

Chanel Day to the Rescue

By Gigi Glennon, Editor-in-Chief
May 18, 2023

April 20th brought many students’ favorite day, Chanel Day! Starting with a mass celebrating St. Peter Chanel’s life and work on the island of Futuna, the students then dismissed to a day filled...

Election Season Unfolds

By Stella Chambless, Staff Writer
May 18, 2023

Student elections mark the beginning of another exciting school year, and those elected become the face of the student body. Election season began when candidates’ fliers appeared on the screens and...

Cultural Exchange Comes to Campus

Did you know we had six French foreign exchange students visit our school? We had the pleasure of meeting four of these students—Julie, Romin, Selen, and Armand—and interviewing them, as well as...

Seeing Our School From a New Perspective

Seeing Our School From a New Perspective

By Alex Treanor, Staff Writer
Nov 10, 2022

While our day-to-day lives often blur together into a boring schedule, some students from other parts of the world find our schedule fascinating. From September 23 to October 2, Marist welcomed over twenty...

Our Schools First Foray Into Self-Defense

Our School’s First Foray Into Self-Defense

By Maggie York, Editor-in-Chief
Nov 8, 2022

On October 4th, our school hosted its first self-defense class for any interested female student. The class was organized and brought to fruition by seniors Lauren Darke and Lily Deiters. It was taught...

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