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Reporting the news since 1914

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Reporting the news since 1914

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Students make their way to the stadium to catch the fleeting moments of the April 8 eclipse.

Eclipses in the Bible

By Juliet Powell, Staff Writer
May 28, 2024

On April 8 as the Great North American Eclipse left the US shrouded in darkness, I stopped to wonder if solar eclipses are present in the Bible. Is it possible that prophets living 2000 years ago witnessed...

FCA officers pose for a quick photo with Kyle Hamilton, one of the many great speakers who agreed to share his faith journey during a Friday morning meeting.

Faith, Food, and Athletics

By Kate Owens, Staff Writer
May 28, 2024

Short for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, FCA is a club that meets every other Friday morning at 7:30 A.M. in Centennial. Speaker include school alumni, former and current coaches, and other faith-filled...

Retreat leaders tend to facilitate small groups to help everyone feel comfortable and to promote a more meaningful retreat experience.

What is a Marist Retreat Leader?

By Ryan Hewitt, Staff Writer
May 21, 2024

Every year, campus ministry organizes retreats for every class. The middle school retreats, Damascus and Antioch, take place on a single Saturday while high school retreats last the entire weekend. Because...

Aubrey and Brenna Endom make sure that Chanel Day does not pass without plenty of colorful faces.

Chanel Day Recap

By John Elrod, Staff Writer
May 15, 2024

This year’s Chanel Day events were a huge hit among students and faculty, with a large number of the student body participating in a wide variety of sports and other activities, ranging from dodgeball...

Mary Magdalene, the Hidden Apostle

Mary Magdalene, the “Hidden Apostle”

By Emma Schramm, Staff Writer
May 15, 2024

Out of the many followers of Jesus, the ones most frequently called to mind are the twelve apostles: Peter, John, James the Greater, James the Lesser, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Simon the Zealot, Judas...

Sophia Ghavidel serves as a Eucharistic Minister during an all school Mass.

Closer to the Mass Through Eucharistic Ministry

By Clara Laskowski, Staff Writer
Apr 9, 2024

The Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are people who help celebrate the Mass but are  not ordained. In March 1971 the National Conference of Catholic Bishops created the role of Extraordinary...

WWJD: Not Just a Jewelry Trend

WWJD: Not Just a Jewelry Trend

By Camille Gipson, Staff Writer
Apr 9, 2024

During the 2022 cross country season, Maeve Donahue, a teammate and friend of mine, gifted me and the rest of my team with WWJD bracelets. These 90s inspired rope bracelets are available in a variety of...

A number of sophomores will soon become confirmed at the Cathedral of Christ the King.

Tenth Graders Set To Be Confirmed

By John Elrod, Staff Writer
Mar 26, 2024

As the spring approaches, many students, particularly those in the class of 2026, find themselves closer to confirmation. Over the past few months, they have gone through a long process: attending sessions...

One wonderful part of the Nazareth Retreat was forming up into small groups that started out as teams and gradually became friends.

The Nature of Nazereth

By Nic Lancelotta, Staff Writer
Mar 25, 2024

On February 2, sophomore students drove nearly two hours to reach Life Teen Camp Cove Crest in Tiger, Georgia. This Catholic retreat site is perfect, featuring plenty of nature to explore and also includes...

As part of the Catholic Heart Work Camp, students help renovate a home  during the summer of 2023.

Students Study and Serve, All At the Same Time!

By Clara Laskowski, Staff Writer
Mar 18, 2024

Students at our school complete service hours to qualify for graduation. As early as Foundations, students learn how to complete a service project together as a class. In grades 9-12, students complete...

Students gather to capture the great time they had at Camp Hidden Lake during the Genesis retreat.

Genesis Retreat Roundup

By Ryan Hewitt, Staff Writer
Mar 2, 2024

Ninth graders recently had the opportunity to go on the Genesis retreat at Camp Hidden Lake. The weekend was full of fun activities, conversations, and games. The ninth graders, accompanied by adult...

Students take the time to strengthen their relationship with God.

Exploring the Emmaus Experience

By Reese Sullivan, Staff Writer
Jan 30, 2024

The 200th Emmaus Retreat began on Friday, January 12 as juniors and seniors departed from campus that afternoon. Two hours and 115 miles later, the bus finally arrived at the Blessed Trinity Retreat Center...

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