My Corona! 6 Tips for Getting Through Quarantine

20 nanometers. That’s the size of the corona virus that has upended life at Marist and all over the world. While the virus may be microscopic, its impact has been monumental. However, with a few survival tips, we can all come out of this situation even better than ever.


By Caroline York, Staff Writer

Manage Your Time


Although it may seem like we have an infinite amount of time during quarantine, time seems to go by faster after school. Procrastination is even more tempting than ever with no extracurricular activities to compel you to study when you get home. Fight the temptation to put off work and get it done after class ends. You’ll thank yourself later when you can binge the latest show without homework looming over your head.


Binge-Watch Netflix Shows


Speaking of binging, I’m probably not the first person to tell you this, but go watch Tiger King. Netflix perfectly timed the release of this new worldwide sensation, since the twists, turns, and kooky characters in every episode will make you pinch yourself. Whether Carol Baskin’s husband became tiger food, or whether Joe was set up, this show proves that big cats attract some crazy people.


And while you’re on Netflix, make sure to check out Love is Blind. Although it’s not as shocking as Tiger King, each one of the eleven episodes will surely make you rethink the concept of love itself. The show’s unique premise– couples fall in love without ever seeing each other- makes us question if love truly is blind. It’s as if The Bachelor crossed with Brain Games.


Stick to a Routine


Establishing a routine can normalize these bizarre days. While you shouldn’t wake up at 6 am as if it were a normal school day, treat classes as if they were typical and continue to do homework and study. Carry on with eating regular meals with snacks thrown in to keep you going (I’m currently living off chocolate ice cream and fresh tangelos). 


Get Out and About


When you get tired of staring at your screen– which you will if you haven’t already– get outside! Whether it’s a walk around the block, a light jog with your dog, or even just hanging out in your backyard, fresh air feels amazing after being cooped up all day. I’m 5’2” and playing basketball in my driveway, so if I can do that, you can do anything.


If you live in a congested area, perhaps rethink that walk and consider exercising in the comfort of your own home. Your favorite gym or yoga studio is probably doing online classes, which is a great alternative to in-person studios. In addition, YouTube has a myriad of exercise routines for all different skill and fitness levels.


Be Social & Socially Distant


It’s likely been more than a month since you’ve seen your friend face-to-face. While Google Meets and FaceTimes can be great alternative ways to keep in touch, nothing beats in-person interaction. 


And you can see your friends face-to-face while still keeping the government-mandated six-feet social distancing order in mind. Find an open parking lot or neighborhood street and park your cars in a circle with plenty of room in between everyone.These tailgate-type parties are a safe way to see your best friends without risking infection. 


Stop & Smell the Roses


Although it’s really tempting to keep your nose buried in your phone, resist the urge and instead enjoy the world around you. For juniors and seniors, your time is limited with family, so make the most of these unusual circumstances. Embark on walks, compete in Scrabble tournaments, and cook unforgettable meals with your family. 


Just the other day, for example, my mom and I went for a drive destined for nowhere. As we cruised around the winding streets of Brookhaven with our dogs sticking their heads out of the windows, we laughed and talked when The Knack’s “My Sharona” started blasting through our sound system. When the chorus began, I screamed out, “My Corona!” 


Like I did in the car, try to find joy in what we are going through. This virus has upended most of our lives and has devastated millions around the world, but we must see the light at the end of the tunnel and live in the moment. Stay positive and follow these quarantine survival tips so everyone can see the new-and-improved you once we return to normal.