Tennis Anyone?

Stella Chambless

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Our tennis teams have been powerhouses for decades, with both teams claiming the 4A state titles last year.
This season, both teams secured a 6A region championship, and they are entering the 3rd round of the playoffs.

Girls play Johns Creek, and boys play Pope at home on Monday, May 1.

The girls have had an almost undefeated season, with one loss to 7A’s Walton. The singles players are freshmen Kate Harpring and Ashlyn Teller and sophomore Sabritt Dozier.

Doubles partners are Bella Ferrer and Gabby Marshall along with Lauren Parker and Claudia Derazi.

The boys’ singles players are sophomore Pierce Lane, senior Will Marshall, and junior JD Ford. Doubles are Wesley Laborde, Dylan Crawford, Eric Johansson and Keegan Leary.