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The Secret to Stuco’s Success

Student council works behind the scenes to make our school even better
Sam Markham watches over the pep rally that he and the rest of the student council planned for fall sports. Few people realize the amount of time it takes to organize such fun events.

Countless school dances. A pep rally for every season. Even a faculty-staff breakfast.

Student council’s work spans across the entirety of the year. Their tireless efforts bring the spirit across campus, leaving a trail of blue and gold in their wake.

The majority of the student body does not realize the amount of input that goes into planning school-wide events. From blowing up balloons at 10 p.m. on a Friday night to securing a DJ, the stuco team of over 45 students puts their all into our school.

Teacher Kevin Lisle, a student council moderator, knows better than most the amount of work that it takes. He said the hardest part about student council is “the extensive planning and organization required to ensure success.”

For the last pep rally alone, which took place September 8th, planning started before school began and some plans were not finalized until minutes before the big event. Every sound you heard, video you watched, or wristband you wore had to be acquired by the student council.

Counselor and co-moderator Alexandria Thackston said, “There are so many moving pieces and parts that it sometimes feels overwhelming to pull together a large school event, such as a dance or pep rally.” 

Lisle, however, confirms that all the time and effort are worthwhile. He said, “Seeing the satisfaction and joy on the faces of our members after putting in so much hard work and pulling it off successfully is extremely rewarding.”

The hard work that members put in goes toward one worthy goal: making Marist better. It also provides an outlet for some to use their voice.

Thackston can’t help but reflect on the value of this important work. Her favorite part of student council is “to see shy students raise their hands for the first time and bring their ideas to the table, then watch how they come to life.” It “instills confidence in them and shows that anyone can contribute to the ultimate good,” she said. 

Student council is already working toward planning an exciting homecoming pep rally and dance. Every time you walk into a school-wide event, just remember that every decoration, activity, or poster came from a student just like you.

The real secret of stuco is students who are willing to make their ideas heard. 

About the Contributor
Stella Chambless, Public Relations
Stella joined The Blue and Gold in 2020 to inform and interest the Marist student body. Outside of writing, she enjoys running for the cross country and track teams. She is also an avid reader, and her favorite book is Beloved by Toni Morrison.