Why The Great Gatsby?

Each fall here at school, students are on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the homecoming theme.

During the first pep rally of the year, Student Council revealed this year’s homecoming theme with a short movie clip. As the camera navigated through a luxurious and shimmering party scene, Leonardo DiCaprio suddenly appeared, and the student body went crazy. The theme, we discovered, was The Great Gatsby. 

The beautiful and elaborate decorations throughout Ivy and Kuhrt replicated the elegance of a true Jay Gatsby affair. From the gym decked out in gold and black to the champagne glass tower, Student Council truly outdid themselves. 

Everyone loves the glamour of the Roaring Twenties, so it’s safe to say that Student Council did an outstanding job selecting this year’s theme.

But I’m left wondering what other themes were in the running. What other brilliant ideas did Student Council dream up for this year’s homecoming? How did they select The Great Gatsby among the other great ideas they undoubtably had?

I spoke to our lovely Student Council co-president, Katherine Erdman, about this year’s decision process for the homecoming theme. According to Erdman, some of the other themes that were in the running this year included “Under the Sea, Hollywood, Candyland, and Greek Kingdom.”

The first round of voting took place during the the first Student Council meeting of the year. The voting members voted to decide the top-two themes, which were The Great Gatsby and Under the Sea. In the final round of votes, The Great Gatsby edged out Under the Sea, with only six votes deciding the winner!

The week leading up to the dance demonstrated just how inventive Student Council can be. They took this theme and absolutely ran with it. They kept a green light on the screen throughout the homecoming pep rally and creating an unforgettable homecoming week with fantastic themes.

Monday’s theme, which called on students to wear their black and gold accessories, highlighted the lavishness of Gatsby’s parties. Student Council then used Tuesday to allude to Gatsby’s untruthful manner.  Students enjoyed a true-to-life Tuesday with their t-shirt attire.

On Wednesday, students channeled their inner-Gatsby creativity for Anything But a Backpack Day. Students hauled their belongings around campus in anything but a traditional backpack. Then the beautifully designed homecoming t-shirt made an appearance on Thursday, with Wally the War Eagle suited up for a grand affair.

For homecoming Friday, students spelled out the word “Gatsby” with their entertaining costumes. With costumes like gingerbread men, ABBA, tigers, surgeons, and so much more, homecoming week culminated in success!

The thrilling pep rally, dominant win over North Atlanta, and a fantastic dance also helped bring the week-long experience to an amazing close.

Thank you Student Council for a wonderful week, and for taking us back in time to the Roaring Twenties!