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The Touchdown Taco

From the student section at various sporting events, one can see the Southeast’s tastiest mascot
A convocation of War Eagles raise the Touchdown Taco in support of the home team.

Marist athletics is a well-known brand across the country, perhaps even the world.

The discipline, effort, and trust that is woven through each one of the teams on campus is something few other programs can match. The energy around sports, ranging from football and basketball to soccer and cross country, is something unprecedented.

This energy is underscored by a Taco. Yes, a taco. The Touchdown Taco.

This pinata represents the dedication our students feel towards one another, and the unwavering support and screaming voices that are put on display weekly, from the stands, from the bleachers, and even from living rooms, where fans stream events from home.

The taco has been quite the hit in recent years, although its origin story is a mystery to some. “I have no clue how the Touchdown Taco was created or why it became a thing,” said Athletic Director Derek Waugh. “I think it is hilarious. It fits right in line with Marist students having a great sense of humor.”

At this point, the Taco is famous around the state. If it’s in the stands on the day you face the War Eagles, odds are you’re going to lose.

Waugh is a firm believer. “We have one of the best student sections in the state of Georgia and probably the only food mascot in the Southeast,” he said.

Since its inception, the Touchdown Taco has been cared for by a small group of senior fans who are dedicated and spirited at all events. Speaking with these leaders themselves, they believe the taco “really brings out our student body with something that’s fun for all.”

This group prides itself in attending as many sporting events as possible as the group considers it an honor to show support for their classmates.

The Touchdown Taco initially gained its fame from the Instagram account. Garnering interactions from the Marist community for their “Almost Friday” posts and pictures published after a Friday night win, the Taco took on a life of its own.

While the Taco has always been in the hands of the seniors in the student section, the whole student body has been united by it.

As inherently irrational as the Taco seems at times – it is a papier-mâché food item after all – it does have a way of firing up the crowd and giving everyone another great reason to cheer on the War Eagles.

The seniors have made it known hat the Taco is something they hope to pass on to the next class of rising seniors so that they too can keep the spirit alive.

The Touchdown Taco is something they hope to see when they return, long after they have graduated.

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Beck Janki, Editor
Beck Janki joined the newspaper staff in his junior year due to his love for journalism and an interest in the space past high school. Beck is the kicker for the football team and a broadcaster for MBC in the winter and spring. Beck enjoys watching sports and is a passionate Ohio sports fan. Beck plans to choose a path in business after his senior year.