Seeing Our School From a New Perspective

Alex Treanor

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September 28, 2023

While our day-to-day lives often blur together into a boring schedule, some students from other parts of the world find our schedule fascinating. From September 23 to October 2, Marist welcomed over twenty Spanish exchange students.

The exchange students stayed with various Marist students who take Spanish. To help make their time at our school as pleasant as possible, Señora Askins matched the students according to personality. She spent a great deal of time making sure each exchange student was hosted by a Marist student who had some things in common, and her efforts ensured the pair would become close friends.

Jack Winters, a sophomore, hosted Guillem. Through Jack, Guillem had the opportunity to meet kids from different schools when Jack took him to parties over the weekends.

Guillem, however, was not the only exchange student who got to experience American parties. Junior Jayce Malec hosted a party at his house for the exchange students and their hosts.

Many exchange students shared that their parties in Spain take place in a disco club, and their parties last until 2 or 3 in the morning. To the Marist students, the late hours of their parties came as a shock.

Leia, one of the exchange students, shared a video of her and her friends at a Spanish club. Just from her short clip, the Spanish parties seemed much more exciting than American ones. The clubs have their own DJs, music blasts across the dance floor, and everyone actually dances.

According to a number of the exchange students, Spanish parties reign superior to those they experienced in America. Given the national pride these students feel towards their weekend celebrations, the Marist students who plan to visit Spain over spring break cannot wait to experience all the fun.

Many Marist students certainly hope to host more Spanish exchange students in years to come!