Fall Favorites

Alex Treanor

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September 28, 2023

With fall upon us, everyone is ready for their favorite aspects of the season. From scented candles to comforting foods and warm sweaters, autumn gives us the perfect weather and atmosphere to enjoy our time. 

Inhaling the pumpkin-spiced fragrance of fall brings a certain level of serotonin to my life. Passing by Bath and Body Works in the fall just feels different. Usually, I quickly walk past it to avoid the stench of a billion different scented candles and soaps, but in the fall, the warm, sweet smell of the store wafts into the mall. One of the best purchases you can make is a fall scented candle to light up your room. Walking into your bedroom with a lit Bath and Body Works pumpkin spice candle makes me want to fall asleep in my comfy bed forever. 

And that’s not the only thing about fall that I love. The pumpkin spice lattes and muffins fill me with a warm sense of comfort. When it’s chilly outside and your face feels a little numb, a warm drink in hand seems to solve all of those problems. Small sips of lattes, hot chocolate, or cider warm my body up like I turned on an internal heater. One of my obsessions in the fall is apple pie, as the fragrant scent of cinnamon and apples fill my house. The air in the fall is unmatched with any of the other seasons because it’s cool and brisk but not too cold where it is uncomfortable to go outside. 

One of the best parts of fall is that it marks the official beginning of sweatshirt season. Personally, I have stacks on stacks of horribly-folded sweatshirts sitting at the top of my closet. Even in the summer, I sleep or hang around in sweatshirts. Now, in the fall, wearing a sweatshirt is actually reasonable and comfy. Walking out your door and being greeted by a chilly gust of air is a very refreshing feeling and having comfy sweats on makes it even better.

Overall, fall is the best season because of the sweet fragrances, best seasonal food, and the perfect weather for the comfiest clothes. I look forward to fall pretty much all year round, and now that it has started, I am convinced that this will be the best fall ever!