The Bright Side

Because couldn’t we all use some good news…

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Wildfires. COVID-19. Economic meltdown. Quarantine. No one could have imagined what this year would bring. It has been riddled with bad news and hardships, and everyone has been doing their best to just make it through. Amidst all this chaos and fear, it is easy to think that there is no good news in the world at all. Except there is always good. Even in this unprecedented year we call 2020, people have managed to engineer, pioneer, and persevere. 

Flying Cars: In Japan, a company called SkyDrive Inc. debuted their model of a flying car. According to CNN, “the car, named SD-03, manned with a pilot, took off and circled the [test] field for about four minutes,” and its researchers are hopeful for what this means for the future of automobiles. SkyDrive Inc. hopes to release their flying car as early as 2023. How would you feel about seeing one of your teachers or coaches arriving to campus each morning in a flying car on Ashford Dunwoody Road?!

Hunger Hero: A man in Santiago, Chile, has been driving around in his car distributing food to the homeless, and he is doing it dressed head-to-toe as Batman. Although he’s decided to keep his identity a secret, I think we can agree this man doesn’t need the cape to be considered a hero.

Elephant’s Freedom: An elephant once considered the loneliest of its species is finally getting a chance to find a friend after spending almost 10 years in isolation. According to the Good News Network, “if Kavaan is deemed healthy for travel, he will be relocated to Cambodia in the next few weeks to live the rest of his days at Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary for rescued animals run by elephant expert Lek Chailert.” The announcement of this fantastic news on August 12 could not have been better, as it coincided with World Elephant Day.

Despite the challenges our world has faced this year, never forget to have hope and remember that there is always good in the world.