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New Teachers Learn to Go with the Flow

Photographer: Brian Collier
The 2023-24 cohort of new faculty and staff members pose for a photo outside Ivey. Each one, in their own way, came to our school to make it a better place.

Every Marist student remembers how hard it can be to start fresh in such a fast-paced  environment.

There are countless things to learn and a hectic schedule to memorize in such a short amount of time. Not to mention all the school work, extra-curriculars, and student life events to keep up with.

Everyone has a personal anecdote of that time they came in at 7:30 on a late-start morning, or when they walked into C-230 instead of C-320, but often times we forget how difficult it is not to be a new student at our school but a new teacher.

One new faculty member on campus is our new Dean of Students, Reginald Brady.

Hailing from Bishop McNamara High School in Maryland, Brady held many roles: English teacher, Dean of Students, and Interim Principal.

“I have been very pleased with the reception I’ve had from both students and faculty since coming here,” Brady said. “The students have been extremely polite and a great deal of fun. Working with the students has definitely been the best thing about being at Marist.”

Another friendly new face around school belongs to our President, J.D. Childs. From Oakland, California, Childs started his teaching career with religious studies, but he eventually became a principal for two years and a president for five.

Upon coming to our school, Childs says that one of his main goals is to meet all staff members and learn about who they are.

“I really believe that teachers are Marist’s super-power . . . They care a lot and are passionate about their subject matter,” he said. “We’re really fortunate here at Marist.”

Childs also shared some observations about the student body since starting his first fall here on campus.

“What I love to see most is when folks around here get out of their own box, out of their own comfort zone, to include other students, and to be kind . . . I’m excited to continue seeing that commitment from Marist students.”

About the Contributor
Emma Schramm
Emma Schramm, Staff Writer
Emma Schramm began writing for the The Blue & Gold newspaper in her freshman year and has enjoyed it thoroughly ever since. She is also part of the Marist War Eagle Marching Band and theater production crew. In the meantime, Emma is probably drawing or feverishly negotiating with the publishing industry to get her novel published.