Marist Art Gallery: Campus’s Secret Gem

Olivia Kincade

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Six-Foot Singers
November 13, 2020

Photographer: Olivia Kincade

Students’ work displayed in the Gunn art gallery.

Classes like Ceramics and AP Studio Art display this work here. (Photographer: Olivia Kincade)Almost every Marist student is familiar with Gunn, the building at the edge of campus that houses all Fine Arts classes. One of the most gorgeous locations on-campus lies in this building, but it oftentimes goes unnoticed and overlooked. What is this mysterious gem, hidden in plain sight? The Marist Art Gallery, home to amazing original pieces hand-crafted by Marist students.

Students tend to pass the studio on their way to class, but few stop to peruse the beautiful pieces on display for everyone’s enjoyment. Stunning paintings on different canvases and materials line the walls, dazzling sculptures from ceramics classes steal the spotlight, and even art pieces hanging from the ceiling decorate the industrial space.

If you have the opportunity to, stop by the art gallery and peruse the newest pieces. If not, take a look at the included photos until you have the chance to see the pieces in person. Finally, thank your peers who contribute to this gallery full of extraordinary work.