Top Ten Amazon Finds for Online School


By Gigi Glennon, Reviews Editor

Virtual learning is a continuous adjustment for everyone. Both hybrid and virtual students are now getting more screen time than ever as much of Marist’s schoolwork is technology-based. Fortunately, Amazon sells many handy tools to help students navigate this new way of learning. 

  1. Blue Light Glasses: Looking at a computer screen from hours upon hours every day can be harmful to one’s eyes, as the blue light it emits can be detrimental over a long period of time. These blue light glasses are helpful to stay alert and help protect one’s eyes after a day of school and homework. They range from $15-20 on Amazon.
  2. Desk Organizer: Scrambling for a pencil at the beginning of a lecture is never fun! A basic device that helps keep pens, pencils, and school supplies in one neat place is a desk organizer. It can fit in drawers or sit on top of a desk, and It helps divide one’s materials, making it easier to find supplies. Desk organizers range from $10-35 on Amazon.
  3. Monitor: Splitting one’s screen is a great tool, but sometimes more space is needed for everything on the computer screen. You can plug a monitor can into your computer to get some much needed space. For example, the Google Meet tab can be open on the monitor, leaving room to take notes in OneNote on your laptop. Monitors range from $100-220 on Amazon, based on screen quality and size demands. 
  4. Noise Canceling Headphones: Lawn mowers, dogs, people, and so many other things can make noise and distractions during school at home. A good tool to use are noise canceling headphones, which help one stay focused and hear the lesson better, especially in a noisy environment. Noise canceling headphones range from $30-100 on Amazon.
  5. Seat Cushion: Even with a 10 minute break between classes, students are still sitting in their chair all day, and it is easy to get distracted during a class when the chair isn’t the most comfortable. Trying a seat cushion can not only help one’s comfort but is also healthier for one’s back, too. From improving posture to boosting your grades, a seat cushion can be a great adjustment. Cushions range from $20-30 on Amazon.
  6. Laptop Stand: A laptop stand is a plastic or metal structure placed beneath a computer so that there is an easier angle to work on one’s laptop. Stands also allow for more workspace on desks. Laptop stands range from $20-30 on Amazon.
  7. Cable Holders: Cable holders are rubber/plastic gadgets that can stick to a desk. They can hold Lenovo chargers, phone chargers, and any other cables needed. These help immensely with finding cables and keeping them organized on a student’s desk at home. Cable holders range from $5-10 on Amazon, depending on how many holders one is purchasing. 
  8. Anti-stress gadgets: Fidget spinners, cubes, and gadgets all help with getting out stress and anxiety out in a helpful way. These can help with one’s test anxiety or if one needs something to fiddle with during class. These range from $3-15 on Amazon.
  9. Files: As simple as it sounds, files are a handy way to limit the amount of paper in binders and folders. If at the end of every week, papers, such as tests or quizzes, that one doesn’t need anymore are taken out and put into a file, helping one to stay organized. Files range from $10-20 on Amazon.
  10. Something that makes you happy: We all need something to cheer us up that makes us happy. Try putting a picture of you and your friends on your desk at home or a little jar of candies. These small things can give someone a little push when things start to slow down.