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Chanel Day Recap

Think of it as our school’s approach to field day
Photographer: Brian O’Connor
Aubrey and Brenna Endom make sure that Chanel Day does not pass without plenty of colorful faces.

This year’s Chanel Day events were a huge hit among students and faculty, with a large number of the student body participating in a wide variety of sports and other activities, ranging from dodgeball to showcasing their musical talents in the flag circle. 

Among the events were tournaments for kickball, flag football, pickleball, and dodgeball. Dodgeball commenced at 10:30 with a match against two teams, the Bloodline and Mr. Rizz. It ended with the championship at around 1:30.

Students were also excited to tune in to a new event this year, flag football, which was played in Hughes Spalding Stadium amidst the other activities on Chanel Day.

A middle school soccer tournament was held on the front field along with kickball, while seniors relaxed on a section of the field aptly named Senior Beach, complete with deck chairs and a bouncy castle in addition to the lunch provided by Moe’s Southwest Grill.

While these tournaments were going on, the flag circle was a welcoming place to be, where numerous musicians and bands played in front of a sea of camping chairs.

Among the performers were bands such as Jabberwocky, which performed at 10:57, and the Superseniors, who played their set after noon. Additionally, there were many solo and duo acts among the performers, such as Grant Crunk and Robert Babin.

Every band was met with loud applause at the end of their set, and it was clear that the people camped out in the flag circle enjoyed the show.

The size of the crowd in front of the flag circle bandstand testified to how enthusiastically everyone looked forward to the celebration of St. Peter Chanel. (Photographer: Brian O’Connor)

Even if you did not participate in a musical act or a sporting competition, there were plenty of things to do during this year’s Chanel Day festivities. Many students could be found playing foursquare in the arcade or basketball in the Centennial Center.

Many other students could simply be found hanging out with their friends. Walking around to take in the excitement of Chanel Day, or enjoying food from the many food trucks that had arrived on this day, offering meals from Waffle House, Mixd UP Burgers, and Sweet Auburn Barbeque, among others, was another way to take in the experience.

One of the more heated competitions that one could find on Chanel Day was the four square competition taking place in the arcade. (Photographer: Brian O’Connor)

Students even sold Dippin’ Dots around the arcade and flag circle as well.

No matter where you went on Chanel Day, there was something for everyone to do.

In the flag circle, face paint, candy, and popcorn were sold by students, while in the Alumni Plaza, students participated in cornhole and ladder ball.

Walking towards Ivy Street Center, you could see ping pong tables that had been set up in the Ivy lobby, always occupied by students.

Another new activity, ultimate Frisbee, commenced at noon at Hughes Spalding stadium, adding to the fun of Chanel Day.

Thanks to the junior class, who took on the remarkable challenge of coordinating the fun, everyone had a great time.

About the Contributor
John Elrod, Staff Writer
John Elrod is a member of The Blue & Gold newspaper, having joined during his sophomore year. In addition to his involvement in the newspaper, he has earned a letter as a member of the swim team and is a member of the newly formed water polo team. Outside of these activities, he is a member of the Spanish Club and is active in community service. In his free time, he enjoys walking his dog, reading, and spending his summers as a YMCA Camp High Harbour counselor.