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Genesis Retreat Roundup

Students learn about themselves, others, and God
Photographer: Contributed
Students gather to capture the great time they had at Camp Hidden Lake during the Genesis retreat.

Ninth graders recently had the opportunity to go on the Genesis retreat at Camp Hidden Lake. The weekend was full of fun activities, conversations, and games.

The ninth graders, accompanied by adult chaperones and their tenth grade retreat leaders, boarded the buses at 9 o’clock on Saturday morning. Everyone was excited for the weekend ahead.

Upon arrival, everyone found their respective dorm rooms and unpacked. After unpacking, everyone gathered in the meeting space and learned what the retreat was meant to be about. The goal of the Genesis retreat was to create new friendships, strengthen old bonds, and learn more about yourself, others, and God.

The centerpiece of the Genesis retreat was the small group conversation sessions. Groups of 4 to 6 ninth graders and 2 retreat leaders were created. Each group had their own meeting place, and leaders brought snacks of their choice for their group members to enjoy.

Throughout the retreat, there were seven total group sessions. Sessions were meant to allow ninth graders to get to know their small groups and participate in fun activities. As the groups became more comfortable with each other, the conversations became deeper, and students opened up about challenges they face.

For the students, the small groups served as safe spaces where they could talk about things that might be troubling them.

In addition to the small group sessions, students participated in large group activities and plenty of free time. The weekend was rainy, unfortunately, so students were not able to play outdoor games like capture the flag.

Luckily, however, the chaperones had a backup plan. Students played indoor games like dodgeball and basketball in the gymnasium. Board games were also available in the meeting space.

The meals at Camp Hidden Lake were loved by everyone there. Lunch included warm sandwiches with fruit and chips,  and dinner was chicken, rice, corn, and cream puffs. Breakfast included eggs, sausage, cereal, fruit, and a yogurt bar.

Overall, everyone at the Genesis retreat enjoyed themselves. Some students say they were able to make a new friend. Others say they strengthened some old bonds.

Everyone agreed that they learned more about themselves, their peers, and about God.

About the Contributor
Ryan Hewitt, Staff Writer
Ryan Hewitt joined the The Blue & Gold newspaper at the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year. In addition to writing for the newspaper, he enjoys running for the cross country team in the fall and playing tennis in the spring. He enjoys playing the saxophone and reading in his free time. His favorite subjects include mathematics and Spanish, and he hopes to be able to study abroad in Spain in the future.