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The Marist Way

To think, feel, act, and judge as Mary did

The Marist Way is referenced in just about everything we do here at our school, especially the way a student is encouraged to live.

Not only is The Marist Way a class taken by all 7th grade students as a “right of passage” but it’s also the foundation of learning and community building by all teachers and students.

Through the five pillars of The Marist Way—prayer, community, learning, service, and vocation—students are taught to follow God and “to think as Mary, judge as Mary, feel and act as Mary in all things.” 

The foundation is a call to all of us in the school toward a manner of living, modeling one’s spirit after Mary and Christ.

Some like to describe the word “Marist” as linking Mary and Christ.  The word “Marist,” in fact, is composed of the first three letters of Mary’s name and the last three letters of Christ’s name.

We might compare Mary and her Son to the image of an oil burning lamp. Mary is similar to the clear glass that protects and surrounds the flame. The glass is an important part of the lamp, of course, but easily overlooked.

People see right through Mary to find Christ. One might intend to look at Mary but that person ultimately looks upon Christ.

These connections are brought to life by the phenomenal work done by campus ministry and the theology department, and all those who advance the school mission.

According to Marist Way Director Michael Coveny, the goal is to make sure that, as time goes by, “Marist School never lets go of the values shared by the Society of Mary and the Marist Fathers and Brothers.”

The Marist Way ushers Mary’s mission into the future by serving as the glass surrounding the flame for all those willing to look.

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