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A Dive Into Marist History: The Esmond Brady Memorial Chapel

Even the crucifix in the chapel has a meaningful origin story behind it.

Every Marist student has visited the chapel, which sits next to the rectory on the south side of campus. Students of all grade levels have taken the walk up the hill for Mass, religion class, meetings, and the annual handbook assemblies

It is easy to take the details of the beautiful building for granted, but it should not go unnoticed.

The crucifix, unique among any other local parish, features pieces of various metals and shards of wood, providing beautiful symbolism to face the congregation.

Designed by former Marist teacher Patrick DeAngelis, the cross symbolizes broken people coming together at the feet of Christ, one who unites us from all walks of life. This contemporary cross outlines a traditional corpus, showcasing a beautiful picture of the Lord.

The space has experienced a number of renovations in the school’s over 100-year history. Many items have been kept along the way.

The existing alcoves in the chapel like this one are not creative architect. They are reminders of the past.

In the chapel today, you can still find the seven alcoves in the walls around the interior of the building. As recently as the 1960s, each of these nooks housed a chapel of its own, where a priest could offer Mass. Every morning, as many as seven Masses might be underway since the building’s architecture allowed for such a feat.

Since then, a central altar has been constructed and the pews reconfigured to allow for more seating.

Naturally, many stained glass windows accentuate the space. Some were crafted more recently while others were taken from the original rectory in the former downtown Marist College campus.

It has been made a point to remember our Marist history and to honor the Society of Mary. With windows depicting Saint Peter Chanel’s Martyrdom along with Marist priests taking their vows, the chapel achieves this order, with stories to be told in each color of the windows. 

With the Eucharist the center of our lives as Christians, the Esmond Brady Memorial Chapel allows us to further strengthen our lives in the eyes of Christ.

The chapel remains a quiet space for worship, meditation, and learning in our school community. This essential building on campus is at the forefront of our development of the whole person in the image of Christ.

Like the crucifix and the alcoves, the stained glass windows also convey the story behind our chapel and school.
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