Thanks to the Trainers

Our school provides an athletic trainer program, but how many students really know about it?

Led by Head Athletic Trainer, Preston Bazemore, the Student Athletic Trainer Program provides opportunities to gain experience in first aid and sports medicine.

Based on the first floor of Centennial Gym, Bazemore, along with several other professional trainers, works not only with athletes but with students who have an interest in healthcare and athletic training.

For those seeking a career in medicine, this program gives students a closer look at the responsibilities of an athletic trainer. Students work hand-in-hand with the trainer staff in order to gain practical experience that they can use both on and off the field.

The reason this story is important is because we have students working hard to support our teams, and these trainers receive little recognition for doing so.

Student athletic trainers and managers work hard to support their teams and, more often than not, these heroes go unnoticed.

Sports managers are encouraged to join the program to learn the basics and to diversify their skill sets as needed. In Bazemore’s words, “We want them to understand that they’re just as much as an important asset to the team as the players are.”

Commitment is a massive part of this exciting program. Students willing to volunteer their time and effort to this program are urged to reach out and join.

This program branches out far beyond the campus. Bazemore, along with the other trainers, partner with doctors and physical therapists all across metro Atlanta in order to provide fast, effective care for injured athletes.

Bazemore expressed how he wishes to expand these connections and continues to search for those who share a love for this practice.

Bazemore also explains how his program helps develop leadership skills such as time management, urgency, problem-solving, and prioritization of tasks.

He goes on to further describe the tasks student trainers participate in such as assisting with rehabilitation, sideline support, emergency first aid, and helping develop methods of treatment.

Our athletic trainers work all over campus at various practices, sporting events, and even off-campus events. Their goal is to provide care in case of an emergency. When something goes awry, they are able to respond quickly and administer the necessary treatment. To this point, communication is extremely important.

This program is a hidden gem among the many extra-curricular activities at our school.

Not recognizing the incredible potential of this opportunity is a waste. Those interested are urged to contact Bazemore to learn how they too can become a trainer.