Moving Museums Matter

The AP Literature and American Experiment class traveled to Montgomery on February 9th to learn about the history of slavery in America. They visited The National Memorial for Peace and Justice and The Legacy Museum.

The trip was led by Dr. Hipp, Mr. Burns, and Dr. Hoffman to show their students firsthand what they were learning in class.

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice had hundreds of monuments with names on them dedicated to certain counties where citizens were lynched. The Legacy Museum contained many interactive videos for the students to watch and learn. The museum also included statues to better portray the history of slavery.

One of the rooms in The Legacy Museum contained a wall of jail cells, each with a hologram inside, depicting a person. As students walked by the cell, the realistic hologram would speak and tell a story.

Student Lyric Hoff, who attended the field trip, shared her thoughts about the trip. Hoff said, “I felt it was really enlightening being in that space. It was very heavy but certainly nothing less than necessary. It was beautiful and tragic, and I would love to revisit the museum again.”

Although AP Literature and AMEX students approached the exhibits a little differently, everyone had plenty to gain from visiting the proud city of Montgomery, where much of the Civil Rights Movement took place.

Not only do the AP Literature and AMEX classes need to learn about this tragic history, but so does the rest of our school community.