Emmaus in Full Bloom


The final Emmaus retreat open to juniors and seniors took place on February 17-19 at the Holy Trinity Shrine Retreat Center. Retreat leaders included Izzie Wojna, Kate Selover, Noëlle Crawford, Spencer Schoenberg, Jackson Seitz, and Savannah Flemming.

All leaders of Emmaus retreats meet for many hours to prepare. Anyone wanting to attend future treats should sign up in advance. Leaders also apply to lead the retreat and are selected by the Campus Ministry.

Held off-campus, the Emmaus retreat consists of bonding activities, such as the trivia and song lyric game as well as a lip sync battle. Reflecting on the retreat, leader Izzie Wojna said, “Emmaus was so much fun and gave me an opportunity to connect with many juniors and seniors!”

Along with these activities, there are also small and large group times. This retreat is unlike any other of the retreat opportunities offered at our school.

Emmaus retreat is special and unique because it creates a bond among students who might never have become friends otherwise. If you are wondering which retreat to attend next year, be on the lookout for sign-ups. Spaces go fast.

Although the Emmaus retreat is only open to juniors and seniors, people in all grades can attend the monthly Emmaus meetings hosted by the Emmaus board. The meetings bring people together, just like the retreat does, and are especially welcoming.

When you hear an announcement about an upcoming meeting in the chapel, consider stopping by.