Homecoming Posters: What Works, What Doesn’t

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A Homecoming tradition among the lowerclassmen at our school is Homecoming posters. Homecoming, also known as “Hoco” across campus, is an annual fall dance for all high school students. Many people go with dates. To ask out their date, some freshman and sophomore boys create fun and creatively-themed posters. These signs are often accompanied with gifts or candy. But a good question to ask: Are these posters really worth it?

Most people say that the tradition is cute and a fun way to celebrate the Homecoming season; however, the practice of using posters to ask a date to the dance is not without issues. One ninth grade girl, Claire Wilson, shared her thoughts: “This year was unoriginal with a few gems.”

Originality is a common issue as most phrases that appear on the signs come from Google or Pinterest posts. One piece of advice Claire gives to any freshman or sophomore hoping to create a memorable sign is to “Stop overusing sayings.”

Another interviewee, Sarah Castro, recommends that the boys should “Make it specific, like about their sports or interests.” Specific posters make the sign cuter as it pertains to the date’s life.

The most common recommendation we heard, however, while interviewing freshman and sophomore girls was to give gifts or candy along with the presentation of the poster. A good poster “Needs food,” said freshman Merritt Grassi. “Definitely should include food,” said Ella Weber. So, a common rule of thumb to go by when crafting these posters is to make them fun and interesting and more original. Pair an original poster with a scrumptious treat, and you are all set.

While Homecoming posters are an ongoing tradition appreciated by many, they do have their downsides. Most freshman girls agree with each other and think that there should be certain aspects included to make the experience better.

Some ninth graders said that the posters should include food and should be personalized for the girl receiving it. Even though there are some details that could be altered, overall Homecoming posters are an essential Marist custom that should be continued for years to come.