Marist Takes on the World

Students travel, break out of COVID confinement

By Caroline Baljet, Faith Editor

With places all over the world opening back up after almost two years of COVID-19 confinement and mask-wearing, students did not hesitate to get back out there exploring. Even as  restrictions lifted slowly over time, travel was one of the last things to return. So where did students go on their first post-COVID trips?

     The Heerboth Family, Kennedy ‘23 and Courtney ‘25, took a family trip to Los Cabos, Mexico towards the beginning of July. There, in another country, they celebrated America’s Independence Day, which was an exciting new experience. The weather was perfect each day as they enjoyed sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-80s. Due to COVID-19, the Heerboths primarily remained at their resort, which according to the Heerboths offered a variety of activities such as pool contests, art classes, and games like cornhole and foosball. They spent their days on the beach, going horseback riding, and frequently visiting the resort spa. When they did leave the resort in paradise, the Heerboths embarked on a dinner sunset cruise enjoying the amazing views from the water. Kennedy’s favorite part of the trip was the nightly entertainment, which included a fire show, an 80s throwback concert, and local dancing celebrating the country’s culture. “All things considered, it was a wonderful, relaxing summer vacation,” said Courtney.

Just a few thousand miles east, Maeve Scruggs ‘23, Caden Scruggs ‘26, Connell Scruggs ‘21, and their parents took a family trip to Costa Rica. Once they arrived at Manuel Antonio, a central pacific region in Costa Rica, they spent four days in the Jungle Arenal. Luck was in their favor during this stay because the clouds cleared for a little while, and they were able to see a famous volcano. According to Maeve, “even the locals don’t get to see it that often.” Other activities they enjoyed were zip lining, ATV riding, and visiting the hot springs. One of Caden’s favorite parts of the trip was taking a horseback ride to a waterfall. In the midst of their fun, the Scruggs had to keep in mind that they were tourists in a new country that had different COVID-19 restrictions. Out of respect for the locals, they wore masks whenever they were inside. Continuously throughout their trip they were told to keep a strong hold of their belongings because the monkeys tend to enjoy taking anything in their sight the minute you turn your back. 

Lastly, let’s travel even farther west to Oahu, Hawaii with the Schwind sisters (Emma ‘23 and Olivia ‘27). While on the island they stayed at the luxurious Marriott Resort. Emma loved having a Dairy Queen at the bottom of their hotel. Due to the pandemic, they had to wear masks unless in the ocean or the pool, but that didn’t stop them from having the vacation of a lifetime. Some of Olivia’s favorite activities in Oahu were snorkeling, hiking, and hanging at the beach. You can’t go to Oahu and not visit Pearl Harbor, which is an amazing historical site to see in person, according to Olivia. Emma loved swimming with dolphins because it was new and exciting. The Schwind sisters were pleased to cross Oahu, Hawaii off their bucket list this summer.

With the pandemic having swept the world the past 18 months, it feels amazing to get back out there seeing new places, eating new foods, and meeting new people!