Going into the New School Year with a Blast from the Past!

By Gigi Glennon, Op/Ed Editor

      It’s no secret that this year has brought a lot of needed changes to the hectic Marist schedule. From blue and gold weeks, to hybrid learning, to not even having a concrete schedule in the 2020-21 school year, Marist students have seen a lot of changing class calendars in the past couple of years. 

      The new 2021-22 schedule has been met with approval by many students across grade levels. The schedule resembles the 2017-18 schedule, with 6 classes a day and five-minute passing periods. However, it now includes short breaks throughout the week. This new schedule adds consistency to the week, mental breaks, and extra time for clubs and tutorials. 

      One of the new changes is the introduction of “office hours.” This 20-minute break on Tuesday is much like activity period, but it centers around academic help. Students can head to one of their classes to meet with the teacher and get extra help on assignments. Students can also study in the library for a quiet setting on a busy day. 

      “Office hours are such a nice break on Tuesday mornings,” said Emma Schwind ‘23, “whether I’m getting help from a teacher or getting a snack with and hanging out with some friends in the cafeteria.” Mental breaks such as these are important, as they help students stay engaged and active in class.

      The 10-minute break in between the 5th and 6th classes of the day also are great breaks for students to talk with their friends or take a moment to prepare for the next period. Studies from edutopia.org show that if you let your brain rest for a short period of time, your attention span increases, causing you to have a better mood and understanding of course material. Said Caroline Baljet ‘23, “I was skeptical of [the ten-minute break] at first, but it turned out to be a non-rushed passing period right before the last class of the day.” The short break allows students to take a little more time to slow down their day for a quick refresh, which is essential for students.

      2021 Marist School Daily Bell Schedule FINALOverall, the schedule has allowed for students to space out their day with important breaks and time to study between classes. This leads to a happier and healthier campus, improving Marist students’ academic lives and mental health.