Feeling Stressed? Snap 5ense Can Help

A Sneak Peak at the Robotics Team’s Creative Solution to Stress

Feeling Stressed? Snap 5ense Can Help

By Claire Garvin, Staff Writer

Each day, Marist students encounter many challenges, from homework problems to athletic practices to navigating the class schedule. One robotics team recently created an innovative solution, called Snap 5ense, to aid with the stress individuals often face. This monthly subscription box will provide students with creative solutions to reduce stress that appeal to each of the five senses.

After spending hours meticulously researching the best solutions to stress, the robotics team assembled a subscription box filled with many great objects. For example, in order to appeal to the sense of smell, students will receive a small candle with tranquil scents, including orchids and other flowers. Similarly, the box will also include relaxing beverages for students to satisfy their sense of taste, such as chai tea. They will also create peaceful Spotify playlists that students who purchase the subscription box will be able to access. 

Technology can seem “really scary, and you either consider yourself a tech person or not a tech person,” said robotics team member Grace Neil’ 22. “We wanted to make tech less scary and provide another route towards it.” By giving students these innovative resources in the subscription boxes, many students will realize the pleasure of technology and feel more comfortable exploring its applications.

Based on their recent rise in popularity, the subscription box will also include LED lights, which will calm students through their sense of sight. The team’s research indicated that these lights can provide a calm setting and impact students’ moods. 

At the forefront of their design are the snap circuits, which Neil explains are “basically like the buttons on the letter jacket” because they easily connect. This snap circuit appeals to students’ sense of touch by allowing them to effortlessly assemble, unassemble, and tinker with the set. The circuit board controls the included LED lights, and each month will provide instructions for different light settings. 

Many of the details about this amazing subscription are still yet to be determined, including the price and when it will be available. However, Neil explained that testing will begin this spring with production beginning soon thereafter, so keep an eye out for this creative innovation from the ingenious Marist robotics team!