All You Need to Know About Girls Bible Study

Other new clubs this school year include Black Student Alliance, Future Health Professionals Club, Music Appreciation Club, and The Window: A Foundations Rapier.


By Caroline Baljet, Staff Writer

This winter, Marist School introduced five new extracurricular clubs. Among those is Girls Bible Study. Started by Kate Gillett ‘21, this club is for any girl in 7th through 12th grade that is interested in strengthening her knowledge of scripture, growing in her faith, or wanting to meet new friends. Like most clubs, Girls Bible Study meets during most activity periods but is a non-committal club, meaning that students can attend whenever they have the time. The club promotes flexibility to fit around students’ busy schedules. 

Gillett has been attending Catholic school for her entire life but felt that she could strengthen her knowledge of scripture. While Catholic school has certainly helped in understanding faith, rarely do students dig deep to understand the origins and meanings behind scripture beyond 9th grade. This inspired Gillett to create Girls Bible Study at Marist, a club solely dedicated to understanding scripture. She has been ready to create this start up for a year now, but because of COVID-19 and the infrequency of club meetings, it has been difficult to kickstart the club. Despite only having one term left at Marist, Gillett refused to give up on this calling of her’s. Gillett hopes to pass this club on to other students next year when she is gone, which means that leadership positions will be available for current sophomores and juniors for next school year. 

A typical club meeting for Girls Bible Study is very calming and hospitable. Gillett will first speak about the concept of Christianity, connecting these concepts to verses in the Bible. Then, she uses real life examples in addition to props in order to create an engaging meeting. After the initial talk, the floor will be open for discussion. The discussion contemplates questions that are provided at the beginning of the meeting. On occasion, Gillett will call in other guests from Marist and even some special guests from outside of our school community. The relaxed atmosphere during meetings provides a repose from students’ regular class schedules. 

Additionally, Girls Bible Study does not require many materials. Gillett provides the note sheets needed for the discussion, which are the only tools needed to engage in the meeting. However, to get the most out of the club, some students bring a bible and a notebook. 

Gillett created this club because she felt it was her calling to help make a difference in girls’ faith. Girls Bible Study is the best way to spend an activity period if you are looking for a break in your busy day. If you are interested in joining Girls Bible Study, you can contact Kate Gillett ([email protected]).