The People Behind the Athletes


Photographer: Maddy Djuric

Varsity Football managers at the State Championship game

By Caroline York, Features Editor

On most afternoons, you will find Marist students kicking soccer balls, catching footballs, or running laps around the track. But most people don’t realize that behind these athletes are incredible student managers who dedicate their time to Marist’s various athletic teams. I talked to managers of soccer, wrestling, football, and cross country to get the scoop.

Laura Gonzalez ‘21 has been managing the Varsity Girls Soccer team for three years and has loved every minute of it. During the spring, she loves spending, on average, 30 minutes each day at practice with the players and coaches. Though she doesn’t mind daily tasks like “filling up soccer balls, setting up cones and taking stats,” she does say that bus rides to away games can be long. At first, Gonzalez’s motive behind managing was to receive her letter, but now she manages to be with the players and co-manager, Madden Callahan ‘21.

Callahan has been managing for three years with Gonzalez. Callahan points out that the “energy on the [team] is always so fun to be around” and that she has “never felt unappreciated or unseen as a manager.” She adds that “if you’re debating managing a sport, do it! It’s so rewarding and gives you an opportunity to make some new friends, as well as learn some new leadership and organizational skills.” Obviously, Callahan has loved her experience.

Colleen Kehoe ‘21 loves managing Varsity and Junior Varsity Boys and Girls Cross Country. For the past two years, she has spent 15 hours a week managing, doing everything from meet preparation to helping with practice. With over 100 runners, Kehoe had her hands full!

On an average day, Kehoe prepares water (and carries the heavy coolers up to the tennis courts!), takes attendance, organizes the Cross Country hut, and sets up cones for drills. For meets, she and other managers gather singlets, distribute racing bibs, and carry gear for the team. At home meets, she “scouts out new trails,” assigns every runner from different schools bibs, and helps welcome visiting teams.

Cameron Firestone ‘21 and Gracen Bohling ‘21 love managing Varsity Wrestling. Both have managed for at least two years and have enjoyed the social aspect of managing above all. As new students, the girls made new friends with wrestlers and managers. Though they aren’t needed at practice, they are instrumental at meets, where they “take stats, keep score, and film the wrestlers.”

Jessica Bryant ‘21 has managed Junior Varsity and Varsity Football for four years. Though she does love helping the team, her favorite aspect is being with other managers, whom she considers some of her “closest friends.” A typical day includes “getting and setting up equipment, preparing Powerade, cleaning up after practice, and doing anything the boys need.” At games, Bryant and other managers are in charge of all game equipment and players items.

If you are considering managing a sport, all managers unanimously agree that it is worth a try. Firestone says it is “one decision [she’ll] never regret.” One perk of managing is a letter, which can earn you a coveted letter jacket. Bryant adds that “managing is a place to de-stress with your best friends.” Colleges are also very “impressed with managing, as it shows commitment to something beyond yourself,” says Firestone. 

Marist Athletics couldn’t run without managers, who “give their time and support to all the players and coaches,” as Kehoe explains. So if you’re new to school, looking for something to fill your afternoons, or seeking Marist’s Holy Grail of the Varsity Letter, give managing a try!