The “Sort of” Sing-Off


Photographer: Charlotte Lord

Sophie Frank ’23 and Ellie Erwin ’22 rehearse their vocal section for the “Sort-of” Sing-Off

By Charlotte Lord, Staff Writer

This year, many activities at Marist have been altered or canceled due to COVID-19. One of those traditions is the annual Sing-Off, where all high school chorale students are put into groups and compete against one another, a cappella. However, since no one knows what school will look like in the spring, chorus teachers Sharon Coheley and Tim Johnson have decided to adapt.

The traditional spring Sing-Off is a vibrant event that students, faculty, and staff alike look forward to. Groups wear matching t-shirts and crowds gather during lunch periods in the Arcade to watch each team perform their a cappella song, followed by the crowd voting for the winning team. But Coheley and Johnson have chosen to do it a little differently with their chorale classes this time. They call it the “Sort of” Sing-Off. Rather than performing live, all chorale students will record their individual parts in voice sections (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass), and then Johnson will mesh them all together digitally to make the final product. This way, it can be shared and enjoyed by all those on and off campus in a safe manner!