Putting 2020 Behind Us: Some of the Marist Fam Share Their Resolutions

From hiking to supporting small business to yoga, Marist faculty and students share their New Year’s Resolutions for 2021.


By Adriana Acevedo and Alex Treanor

We are happy to finally say goodbye to 2020, and hopefully, 2021 will differ from last year. At the beginning of every year, it is customary to make resolutions and goals for oneself for the year to come. Having a goal often motivates people to change some bad habits or to be more productive. We asked some teachers and students about their resolutions and their plans to achieve them. 

Although sometimes resolutions get forgotten about and never finished, we have faith that students and teachers can fulfill their goals with determination and dedication. In a world controlled by screens, it is important to take a step back and experience the natural world. One of Marist’s finest teachers, Linda Lehmil has resolved to go for a hike with her family every weekend, “rain or shine.” She plans to achieve this resolution by saving some time on her calendar every Sunday to go on these family walks. We agree with Lehmil, who feels “the forest is so calming and rejuvenating.” 

Another French teacher, Giovanna Lizzio, set a resolution that is very needed during this COVID-19 era. Her resolution is to support small businesses by researching companies and their origins before purchasing from them. Although this seems like a small act, it is incredibly impactful. Purchasing from small businesses rather than big corporations is an incredibly thoughtful act because it helps the local economy. 

Science teacher Kelly Mandy has also set out to “start the year off on the right foot.”  Specifically, Mandy has already begun her resolution by partaking in a 30-day yoga and a 30-day eating program. She starts her days with 30 minutes of yoga, and Mandy, her husband and physical education department chair Scott Mandy, and their neighbors have taken part in a friendly competition to motivate each other to have healthier eating habits – how fun! These two activities are a marvelous way to obtain a healthy and positive mindset for this new year. 

Despite a challenging school year, some students are determined to add a couple new goals to their plate this year. For example, a large number of students are trying to eat healthier and work out more. However, people tend to struggle with their New Year’s resolution within a couple months for good reason. They are very hard to maintain because of all of the distractions and inconveniences. it is easier to get fast food than cook a wholesome meal, for example. By making your resolutions easy and small, you are more likely to be able to stick to them and accomplish your goals. Overall, if New Year’s resolutions get you closer to your goals, we hope you continue to make them and keep up with them!