Five Tips to Stay Mentally Healthy

Active Minds Board Member Abby Testani ’21 offers her five suggestions to stay mentally healthy this year.


Photographer: Kathryn Taylor

Abby Testani ’21 (left) and Kathryn Taylor ’21 (right) smile in their Active Minds t-shirts.

By Kathryn Taylor, Sports Editor

With Coronavirus, many activities and groups around campus have had to take different approaches for meetings and how to spread their message across campus. Active Minds, a club that works to eliminate the stigma behind mental health, has worked hard this year preparing for events. For Active Minds Board Member Abby Testani ’21, her favorite part of the club is “being with others who are equally as passionate to create a change…and [being reminded that] having mental health discussions is a strength,” not a weakness. Here are her five tips for how to stay mentally healthy, especially during COVID-19.

  1. “Take time for yourself,” Testani advises. Often, it’s easy to feel guilty about doing so, but she reminds everyone that “it is totally fine to take a break.” A major focus of this break is self-love; remind yourself that you are doing your best and that you are enough.
  2. “It’s ok to not be ok.” Active Minds reminds us that “any emotion is welcome,” and that we should be ok with this and find someone you trust that you can talk to about the subject.
  3. “Take care of others.” Testani emphasizes the importance of not only receiving but also giving. While it is of the utmost importance to keep yourself in check, it’s also good to check on others because they may be having a tough time as well.
  4. “Do something you love.” Doing something you love each day will bring you happiness, and by doing this you will feel more accomplished, Testani said.
  5. “Exercise!” While sometimes it may be hard, “exercise is vital in boosting your endorphins,” said Testani. Keeping your physical health at its best will boost your mental health, “whether it is a walk or a workout video.”

Testani hopes these tips offer help and support, and she encourages you to start the conversation about mental health because you never know what someone is going through.