Five Benefits of In-Person and Virtual School

“For some students, hybrid learning is the best of both worlds.”


AP Biology students work diligently in class.

By Nicole Barrios, Staff Writer

During the global pandemic, Marist and the rest of the world adapted to new ways of life and education. When the school transitioned to a hybrid model where cohorts of students alternate between at-home and in-person learning, they also  let students have an option to learn fully virtual. There are many positive aspects of both in-school learning and remote, virtual learning. 

For some students, hybrid learning is the best of both worlds. The Marist community decides to overcome this pandemic together and have a positive attitude making the best of the situation. Classmates I spoke to that have chosen hybrid learning agree that five benefits of coming to school in-person include seeing classmates face-to-face, asking teachers for direct help on assignments, eating lunch with friends, in-person homeroom, and being on campus before after-school activities and sports. Face-to face-interactions with peers are comforting for many students and gives them a glimpse of what school was like before the pandemic. On-campus learning allows students to head straight to the locker rooms and sports practice after the bell rings. This gives students more time to prepare for their activities. All of these benefits of in-person learning make students look forward to waking up to head to campus.

On the other hand, virtual learning has been a welcome new experience for some students as well. A few positives of learning from home include sleeping in, cooking meals during the day, and spending more time with family. Many also have the opportunity to work on assignments during lunch at home, with others taking advantage of cooking a meal for themselves. Instead of eating prepared cafeteria food, students can cook whatever food they crave. 

Hybrid learning is an example of what a job could look like in the future for students, like by going into the office some days and working from home other days. Marist’s hybrid learning is preparing students for the working world in ways it would not have considered prior to the pandemic. 

The community is truly blessed to be attending an outstanding school like Marist and to have the option to learn virtually and in person. Students attending other schools might not have the same choices or resources as Marist does to learn online or in person while being able to keep the student body safe.